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Westin Buss Stockholm AB was founded in 1924 in Docksta Västernorrland (Northern Sweden) and has since then been engaged in commercial traffic of passengers by bus. In the current form of ownership Westin Buss has been driven since 1989 and has over 30 buses of various sizes; everything from minivans to large buses with capacity for up to 57 people. We offer a great emphasis on service by making our customer our first priority. Our office and garages are located in Ulvsunda / Bromma where our coaches can easily reach the city and all of Stockholm’s airports.

Werner Westin who once founded the Westin Buss was always the viewed as a technology leader in Norrland (Northern Sweden). He earned it by being among the first companies in Sweden to introduce technology such as video in the coaches and also environmentally safe fuels. Werner Westin always put the customer’s needs first, which also became a driving force to continuously develop themselves and being innovate to the bus industry’s challenges and trials. Many of the bus trips Westin Buss completed during Werner’s time was from the coast to the mountains, from the smallest villages in rural areas into the cities. Today Ybussen (link), is the last link to the northern heritage of the regular bus lines and has existed since 1976. The idea about good service and being at the forefront remains. Westin Buss is one of the first coach companies in Sweden to introduce Ignition interlock device (IID) on all buses, safety belts and ISO certifications for bus companies.

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