Quality and safety

As a customer of Westin Buss, we want you to experience high quality and safety. It is important for us to not only meet our customers’ expectations, but to exceed them! This applies just as much to a quick response to a request for quotation as it does to the pleasant treatment of our drivers. Of course, we only work with qualified drivers in the industry!

High standard

Our buses must always be of a high standard, clean and tidy and arrive on time. We are certified according to ISO 9001:2015, which helps us to ensure the quality of our services and guarantee your safety. In addition, we at Westin Buss have developed a system where we get confirmation that the driver is on time for his first assignment, which further increases the availability and safety for you as a customer.

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Safety in focus

Westin Buss always puts safety first! We comply with Swedish and EU traffic laws and regulations. All our buses have safety belts, and since 2005 we have also installed alcolocks on our buses. This safety measure is standardized in all vehicles today. The alcolock is a technical device in the buses which means that it is not possible to start the vehicle if there is alcohol in the driver’s breath. We see this as a quality assurance and natural investment in our quality work for good service. Our goal is also that no vehicle should be older than 4 years.

Our buses are operated by well-trained drivers who, in addition to basic bus competence, are also internally trained at our site in Ulvsunda/Bromma. Each vehicle at Westin Buss has a GPS that is also connected directly to our traffic unit at the office, which can see exactly where our buses are located. Through this system, drivers can always communicate and have an overview of any traffic jams or other things that happen on the roads. This allows us to be one step ahead within the prescribed driving time.

Alcohol and drug policy

The abuse of drugs (alcohol, tablets and narcotics) is one of society’s biggest and most intractable problems. Many people today are dependent on drugs. Since a person who abuses drugs not only harms himself or herself but also those around him or her, substance abuse is a work environment issue and should be treated as such.

The policy and the action plan are part of the systematic work environment management within the company. Abuse of alcohol and other drugs is not compatible with gainful employment and all workplaces within Westin Buss shall be drug-free. Work under the influence of alcohol or other drugs is prohibited. Exception for medication prescribed by a doctor, provided that the doctor has insight into the work tasks.

The vision and policy is for Westin Buss to be an attractive workplace. The faster an intervention is made in the case of abuse, the greater the chance of counteracting an unfavorable development of the abuse. Abuse of alcohol and drugs is classified as an illness and as an employer the same rehabilitation responsibility as with other types of illnesses. However, the employee has an obligation to help investigate whether or not a disease exists.

It is the moral responsibility of all employees to intervene if there is a suspicion that an employee has an alcohol/drug problem. The immediate supervisor is responsible for both operations and the work environment and is also obliged to intervene in case of suspected abuse in the workplace. Abuse of alcohol and/or other drugs is not only the problem of the abuser. Our customers, and others who receive service from us, must be able to rely on Westin Buss employees to perform satisfactory work and to do so with due regard to safety aspects in all situations.


At Westin Buss, alcohol and drugs are in no way allowed in connection with service. Preventing drug abuse concerns us all and means that we have a common responsibility to achieve a high level of safety for the business and a good and safe working environment.

Objectives of the drug policy

  • A drug-free and safe workplace

  • Employees with substance abuse problems have the courage to seek help.

  • Openness and early detection of drug abuse.

  • Promote a drug-free workplace.

  • Raise the awareness of all employees of the impact of drugs on our health.

  • Contribute to the retention of the addict, provided that the employee shows cooperation and results in a rehabilitation program.

  • Enabling early detection and early intervention.

  • Increasing transparency on the subject.

  • Engaging all staff in an alcohol and drug-free work environment, including through information on company policy.

  • Encourage those who already have problems to seek help.

  • Make clear demands so that the employee cooperates in the rehabilitation work as far as possible. It is the abuse that must be removed and the employee remain.

  • Action plan Westin Buss AB shall work with these issues in a systematic way through information and training among the company’s managers.

  • The company’s attitude and policy on the subject shall be anchored among the employees through continuous information.