Our policies

Our policies are the foundation of Westin Buss and are at the heart of our business. Through three key principles – safety, environment and quality – we define our corporate culture and our commitment to our customers and society at large. These core values shape every aspect, from providing safe travel and minimizing our environmental impact to delivering the highest standards of service.

Quality and safety

Westin Buss puts safety and quality as our top priorities. We strictly adhere to traffic laws and regulations, and all our buses are equipped with seat belts and alcolocks. Our drivers are well-trained and our GPS technology helps us to monitor and optimize journeys. At the same time, we strive for high quality in everything we do, from clean and tidy buses to punctual services.

Sustainability and environment

We strive to conduct our operations with the least possible environmental impact. Our commitment to the environment permeates all aspects of our business, from the purchase of office supplies to fuel choices and vehicles. Read more about how we work with sustainability here.