Rent a bus

Renting a bus for a wedding, a sightseeing tour, team building activity or a day trip is a practical and convenient way to transport your group to different destinations. We at Westin Buss offer you the right bus to have at your disposal for the time required, regardless of your needs or wishes. With an updated fleet and well-trained drivers, you can feel safe with us.

Våra tjänster

Rent a bus in the Stockholm area

Need to rent a bus in the Stockholm area? Our bus trips are designed to ensure that our passengers can travel smoothly and comfortably. We arrange bus trips to and from Stockholm, but can also transport you to and from neighboring municipalities.


Discover Stockholm with Westin Bus. From the Old Town to modern attractions. Contact us to rent a bus in Stockholm and let our experienced drivers show you the best of the capital!

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Need to rent a bus in Uppsala? Explore sights like Uppsala Cathedral and Old Uppsala while enjoying comfortable bus transportation from Westin Buss.

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Our drivers will take you to places and attractions such as Västerås Castle, Djäkneberget and the beautiful Mälar promenades. Read more about renting a bus in Västerås.

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Are you ready to discover Södertälje in a memorable way? Rent a bus in Södertälje and let us take you on a journey through this historic city.

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With Westin Buss you can experience Eskilstuna in a way that suits you. From the historic Munktell area to the lush parks. Turn to us when you need to rent a bus in Eskilstuna

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Need reliable transportation to or from Arlanda Airport? You can rely on us for a smooth and comfortable transportation. Book an airport bus to Arlanda, Skavsta & Västerås.

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Bus rental with a guide

Renting a bus with a driver allows you to arrive at your destination in a comfortable and safe way, while leaving you time to concentrate on other things. If you are renting a bus in Stockholm for a sightseeing tour, we can also help you book a good guide. Since both comfort and quality are high, you as a traveler will get the most out of your trip.

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