Rent a bus in Uppsala

Rent a bus in Uppsala with Westin Buss. We offer everything from larger buses to minibuses for up to 16 passengers. Our rental services are available to individuals, businesses, and organizations.

Our buses

We offer a wide range of bus models in different sizes to suit all occasions and needs. We tailor a transportation solution to suit your specific needs, no matter where you need to travel.

Bus for 16 passengers

Our bus for 16 passengers provides a complete transportation solution for small groups.

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Bus for 34 passengers

Our bus for 34 passengers offers comfort in a compact design – perfect for your group travel.

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Bus for 49 passengers

We offer a bus for 49 passengers with full equipment in standard size – perfect for lager groups.

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Bus for 57 passengers

This is our largest bus model with generous luggage space. Book your bus for 57 passengers!

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We offer competitive prices for renting a bus in Uppsala. Let Westin Buss make your trip a comfortable and affordable experience. Contact us today!

More about Uppsala

Located in the heart of Sweden, Uppsala is a city with a rich history, a multicultural atmosphere and a thriving social structure. This charming city has much to offer visitors and residents, from its historical sights to modern cultural events.

One of the most famous landmarks is Uppsala Cathedral, a cathedral that dates back to the 13th century. The cathedral is an impressive building with stunning architecture and is the site of many royal funerals and historical events.

The city is also known for its ancient university, Uppsala University, founded in 1477. The university is a significant part of the cityscape and has a rich academic tradition. It has also contributed to making Uppsala a dynamic and creative place with a vibrant student culture.