Additional services

It is important for us that you as a traveler are content when traveling with us, whether you’ve turned to us to provide you with a transport to the wedding, conference or other type of event. To enhance the experience of the trip, we’ve made it possible to add additional services.

Our additional services:

Regardless if you’re traveling with small children, if a tour is planned, or food and drinks are wanted, we make sure that you are provided with what you need for a pleasant trip.

  • Catering; such as drinks and refreshments

  • Dispatchers; experts in travel logistics and simple transportation

  • Logistics planning; for a seamless and smooth journey

  • Guide Booking; guided tours around Stockholm

  • Rental of car seats for children

  • Striping; for those who want to stripe up the bus with its own sign

Let us customize your upcoming transport – contact us today.