Sustainability and environment

Westin Buss wants to conduct its business with the least possible environmental impact. Everything we do within the company, whether it is the purchase of office materials, fuel for our buses or the choice of vehicles, is permeated by Westin Buss’ commitment to the environment. We are certified according to ISO 14001:2015 which ensures that our environmental impact is continuously measured and improved.

Some examples of our environmental work

  • We try to plan our trips so that we avoid driving with empty buses.

  • We run our buses on HVO and environmental diesel with the highest environmental class (Mk1).

  • Environmentally friendly bus washing.

  • We have minimized the use of paper in daily routines in the office and have an action plan for further reduction.

  • Batteries, old tires and other spare parts that need to be replaced on the buses are left for recycling.

  • All our buses are approved to operate in Sweden’s environmental zones.

Read more about our environmental policy here

Monitoring of driving behavior with Fleet Management System

All buses are equipped with a system that is integrated with the vehicle’s computer and tachograph. By matching data at the individual level with how the vehicle is driven, we can coach drivers to drive more environmentally friendly and safely. Bus fuel consumption is reduced by monitoring and informing drivers about their driving behavior.

When driving is relaxed and calmer, it is natural that the distance to the vehicle in front increases, as a close distance leads to repeated acceleration and braking. We also monitor whether drivers make sharp turns. Often this driving behavior is something our drivers are not aware of, making it relatively easy to correct.

When we monitor drivers, we inform them of deviations from values that are safe from an environmental and risk perspective in terms of acceleration, braking and sharp cornering. This leads to reduced fuel consumption, fewer injuries, increased distance to the vehicle in front, as well as reduced service costs and a healthy driver.

Safe and sustainable tires

We choose tires that are the best choice from a safety and environmental perspective. We run no retreaded tires and have a large safety margin regarding tread depth.

Positioning systems

Through positioning systems, we can easily track the location of the buses and our traffic management, which is available 08:00-17:00 and on call the rest of the day every day of the year, helps drivers to choose the routes that do not have queues or other obstacles. This reduces fuel consumption by reducing idling time.

Heaters in the buses

The heaters in the buses are remotely controlled, which means that we do not consume fuel unnecessarily and give our drivers and passengers a warm vehicle to use when driving. and passengers a warm vehicle to use at the start of traffic. The remote control is carried out by

Environmentally friendly fuel

We offer vehicles with the highest possible purification requirements according to Euro6. As far as possible, we refuel the vehicles with HVO, but since not all filling stations can offer this, we otherwise refuel with the highest quality of diesel environment class 1 (which is mixed with HVO).

Office supplies

All driving orders will be electronic in the future, which will reduce paper consumption. to be reduced. Otherwise, we recycle as far as possible.

Travel in service

When choosing to travel on business, we actively seek to reduce our environmental impact. One of our most important commitments is to prioritize environmentally friendly alternatives when it comes to transportation. Therefore, we choose bus or train as our primary mode of transportation for business trips.

Our drivers

We work to ensure that as many of our drivers as possible are permanently employed. Despite the variations in the number of passengers in the on-demand bus industry, we are working to even out travel over the year so that we can give more drivers secure permanent employment. The company has an absolute ban on all types of discrimination and we strive for diversity. In 2023, we will work on getting more female drivers into the company. At present, there are only a few women working in the industry.

We offer individualized day-off schedules to suit the special needs of different drivers. In order to attract the best drivers, we must also set an example when it comes to opportunities for drivers to create a working environment that they themselves can influence. This is why we have driver councils, drivers with extensive customer contacts, and an open and unpretentious atmosphere that gives us more feedback and more incident reports.

Sustainable Meet Stockholm

Westin Buss has been a partner of Sustainable Meet Stockholm since 2019. We are the only supplier in transportation that is a member. The project is about selling Stockholm as a travel destination regarding sustainability.