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Dispatching services on site

If you are heading to unfamiliar locations or have a big event coming up, take advantage of our dispatching services! With experience in providing bus services throughout Sweden, Westin Buss has a wealth of local knowledge to share with busy event planners and those new to the country. Our dispatching services will direct traffic, as well as anticipate and plan for possible challenges that the untrained eye might miss.

We navigate situations with many buses moving around in limited space and plan the logistics around your bus charter and transfer services. Comfort, safety and an eco-friendly mindset are essential parts of our business. That is why Westin Buss has been certified with ISO 14001 and ISO 9001. Our skilled drivers have plenty of experience, WiFi is always available on board and the buses have recently been updated. You are able to reach us 24/7 by phone. Please get in touch to discuss the options!

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